******* (doctorworm31) wrote in synapsesynopsis,

here is a poem i just made i am trying to make a villanelle. first i ask could you help me know what i need for the poem and if you are confused in the poem... kay.


Kay, the international word for alright
He stood in boxers I knew what he meant
That night was such a delight

I took it there it to be polite
The ways our bodies bent
Kay, the international way to be right

The rain on his eyes—so bright
Puke and piss what a nice sent
That hour was such a delight

Knock on the window- things aren’t right
The way his voice had that accent
Kay, the international word for alright

Those two, they saw our electric sight
A breach of trust with fraudulent intent
That night had such great light.

That little ally in Canada, what a sight
No on could have gotten out in any event.
Kay, he wouldn't be rational I was in fright
Tonight was not a delight
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