Zoe (zoelogan) wrote in synapsesynopsis,

They all lied

They all lied. These friends of yours did not accompanying you to conquer the authentic goal. A true filth of mankind, you spend your days in simplicity selling drugs out of a diminutive shack, held together with aluminum foil and crumpling ruddy mud. Every minute mounting a face aged cold with visions of young lives stolen, by a tap of the trigger and a mind inundated with paranoid thoughts, as each moment could be your last. Plagued by every sardonic rise of the sun, announcing a seemly eternal existence, you laid under the covers paralyzed by the dreams of your youth and your cliché’s eminence ideas. They promised to drop out too, and join you on a rampage of rebellion against the foundations of principles and morality, but where are they now? They are attending prestigious universities they named preparatory prisons. They are working for the same government once referred to as ‘the machine’ the real poison of society. They are living in the suburbs, they promise never to touch because the atmosphere was masked with a surreal sense of paradise, only to cover the true blasphemy lying underneath the crust. They are not with you now and are beyond your reach. They all lied.
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