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ok, here is a short story, tell me what you think... k

So at work when the trustable get bored we bounce a ball- a bouncy ball. It is all fun and games. We bounce it as hard as we can against the back door. We bounce it at each other playing baseball with the rod that we are sposta poke the bubbles in pizzas with. We roll it through the oven racing each other. We cut them open to find the junk on the inside exploring like children do.

After everyone went home it was just me and **** we bounced it back and forth being bored. Me to him—him to me. Then I say “man I wish we had some paddles.” And the chump says “we do.” So I smile and run to the back of the store. As I run I think of how stupid I must look with my big floppy work shoes or boots some might call them. I grab the 16" redwood pizza boards with the small handles. Almost as if they were meant to be a paddle board. We go to the back and play some sort of ghetto racket ball. I stood in the back- oh how I hate getting hit in the head *a-dough balls-hem*. It is all going well, fun and games. Then we loose the ball- damn. Looking for the ball in the corner with old pans, cobwebs and a supply of bleach to kill and army we can't find the damn thing. After sticking our heads in the trash and our hands in the dust we give up. “That’s no big deal just get another damn ball” he said. So we play some more, get a work-out.

Secretly I think to myself I am glad he is smiling he didn't smile all day I don't blame him, giving the night he had. So I just giggle and play some fucked up racket ball. The second ball gets lost but alas the first one was found hiding between some of the bleach bottles, then the second ball was found. So, more dangerously, we play with two balls two pizza boards and two people having fun not caring about the world they live in. Leaving all the fucked-up messed-up lives the two have. No care in the world but to hit the ball as hard as they can. Oh the books we could write on our different lives in the past week, Chuck Palahniuk would smile. In that hour of no care just bouncy ball fun we were free. Free of bills to come debts to pay worries ahead and dissepiments. Then a cigarette break and back to work. It made my day just to see him smile, life’s not that bad… **** told me “I wish I had the ball in the cell last night it would have gave me something to do.”

Names were bleeped to protect the innocent.
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