shelley (espionagex) wrote in synapsesynopsis,

Hi! I was in this community before, as whenitrainsx. But I shall re-introduce myself since its been a while.

Name: Shelley
Age: Seventeen
Sex: Female.
Orientation: Lesbian

I write poetry and short stories, monologues sometimes or scenes. I like photography, too. And I draw sometimes, but rarely show that to people because I'm still learning how to draw/paint/etc.

So, in the past I've been told my writing is pretty juvenile and I have to agree. Thing is, it still is pretty juvenile. I hope its gotten a little less childish, and I hope for it to get better as I become less of a child myself. Also, I found a poem I wrote a while ago (posted it here too) that I really like. I don't know if its finished or not, but I want to make it better so any suggestions would be great. Also if you think it should stay the way it is, go ahead and tell me that too. Below are two new poems, the old one, and some photography (including a pic of me)

this is the old one.
razorblades soft touch to the skin
a kiss that smells like love
and tastes like the color red
and sings me to sleep with a strawberry song
promising me everyting,
love and happiness dancing across in technicolor

pain looks like the color purple
and tastes of bitter lemons
while tears smell like chocolate
falling and staining your cheeks pink
and playing music like violins as it hits the ground

the two new ones:
empty inside
like ice, like cold
I can't feel anymore
cut to the heart
bleeding, bleeding
blind inside
clear the mind
an endless struggle
hidden behind clear eyes
clear lies
falling behind
jagged red lines
a fire inside
a desire to feel real
when inside
its only dead
and in your head
there's only screaming
louder, louder
to shut out your own pain
How would you feel
if YOUR love was banned?
If you couldn't make
medical decisions for the
love of your life?
"love is between a man and a woman"
How would you feel
if they called you an unfit parent
because of the love of your life?
How would you feel
if you were called a sexual predator
a pedophile
because of the love of your life?
because they were just like you.
because they were the same sex as you.
how would you feel?
would you feel


the end.
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