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My thoughts speed like machine gun bullets—
sideways, up, over, across
my face like dysfunctional arrows missing
their marks by seven inches—
or maybe eight—
I don’t waste my thoughts on numbers
anymore—they require concentration…

Sorry—caught myself wandering around
on Planet Mercury--

They require concentration and it’s
not possible, but it’s extremely
easy to lose objects I have in my grasp
and this morning I was holding
my glass eyes for only half
a moment before placing them
on the window sill within the
rays of the northeastern sun and
I only turn my back for a split when I
finally realize I’m completely blind without my
So I press my hands against
the wooden floor and onto scattered clothes,
work my way up to the walls before
slinking myself to the window sill where
I placed them prior to the fright—
I sigh and place them back into my empty
sockets where they need to be
and then memory goes white!
Where am I?
How did I walk into this

Oh, yeah! Now I remember!

But I won’t tomorrow and I know I’ll be
looking for my eyes again, then
my house keys—
my letters,
my makeup,
my clothes,
my SAA Book,
my happy pills,
my awareness,
my identity,
my self-worth,
my sanity (or what little I have),

So I ran to the pencil and pad to write all of this
and this way nothing’ll slip my mind---

Or at least I can try…

© 2005 Palin_Travels
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