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Workplace Haikus

I forgot how fun blogging at work could be.

Maybe once you're free, you can talk to me.
Maybe once you're free, I can learn all of your secrets.
Maybe once you're free, I'll feel you again.
'Cause I know you're out there, somewhere, I just can't see you.
Somehow you've been gone so long, you're just a whisper now.
Somehow I'm so filled with the thoughts of others,
I can only hear myself in the third person now.
You always asked for the worst news first, what happens now
when it is you that's the headline?
Even though you've always been in the shadows, I've still
been able to see you for so long.


disconnected, oh wait
I'm intercepted
in a death dance of rejection
Cross bred with an injection
of insulin, of mescaline
here's a Valium
another Prozac
have another shot, another line
oh wait, disconnected


I don't want to be another bathroom read
I refuse to be a waiting room need
I'm selling you my soul, so squeeze
All your little philosophies in

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