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The Cerebral Intercourse

.A. .Romper. .Room. .for. .the. .Nouveau. .Artiste.

.Creative. .as. .Fuck.
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We're not just another praise you community. This isn't one of those elitist rating communities. Well, not so much. We're not just a bunch of ego monsters, gracing the world with our creative genius ...well yeah, we are. But hey, it's just a place for all us psuedo-intellectuals with a real knack for expressing ourselves to hang out. Minus the pretention and five dollar Mocha Grandes.

Wanna join the parade?

Just post something more than a haiku on your ketchup stained napkin from McDonald's, or that poem you won a ribbon for in eight grade. And no second grade finger painting or five million web cam photos of yourself, your significant other or your cat. There are other communities for that. Otherwise, any form of creativity is welcomed, be it lyrical, poetic, or just plain fantastic.

All members are to review, admire, comment, et al on posts ...criticism is always a good thing. Also, make sure that you post something. Inactivity sucks. And please, don't start any shit, cause I will ban you quicker than a fat kid can get on a danish.

This isn't a sounding board either ...all posts must have something you've written, drawn, created or are working on. And please, please, PLEASE put your work behind an lj-cut. Intros, as well as a description of what's going on behind the cut is fine, just as long as the bulk of your creative outburst is, again, behind an lj-cut. Anything that's not, will be burned, deleted, and so will you.

And just in case you may not know how to lj-cut things, the tags are as follows:

Without Asteriks

place this tag: <*lj-cut*> before the part you wish to put behind the cut.
place this tag: <*/lj-cut*> after the part you wish to put behind the cut.

Created, moderated, and loved by decadenttenshi.